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15 Ivy Geranium Seeds Tornado Carmine Trailing Geranium

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Ivy Geranium seeds Tornado Carmine is a great variety to grow from geranium seeds this is a trailing geranium variety and is great for hanging baskets and cascading over planters. These are also know as a Ivy geraniums by many people. These are well branched and compact these do not need any pinching in baskets. This variety gets to be about 10" tall and spreads to about 24" these kind of geraniums do much better in hot conditions than other trailing types. These seeds are best if placed in a moist paper towel in your fridge for 24hrs before planting germination rate will be much higher. We place 4 in a 12" hanging basket and it makes it full in many areas this can be saved year after year and can be a perennial. These are also very good for resell in you run a nursery or want to just resell in a 4 1/2" pot they do very well and then people can put them in planters or baskets. This is for 15 seeds