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15 Echinacea Seeds Echinacea Prairie Blaze™ Orange

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15 Echinacea Seeds Echinacea Prairie Blaze™ Orange

A new variety it has a striking novelty colors the Echinacea Prairie Blaze™ series has tall stems for containers and landscapes makes great cut flowers. Striking novelty colors upgrade perennial programs and are a direct match to Prairie Splendor Compact in habit and timing. Excellent landscape use. Novelty colors bred with the efficiency of seed. Efficient to produce in a wide range of containers and ideally suited for 2.5-quart programs and gallon pots. The first ever OP Echinacea is available in novelty colors and optimized for mass production. This is for 15 seeds

Scientific Name: Echinacea purpurea

Common Name: Coneflower

Hardiness Zone: 3a - 9b

Height: 14 - 16"

Width: 6 - 8"

Exposure: Sun

Seeds Count 15

Plant Type Perennial

Features Heat Tolerant, Pollinator Friendly, Landscape