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1,000 Bulk Pentas Seeds Graffiti 20/20 True Pink Pelleted Seeds

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This is for 1,000 bulk pentas seeds this is the Pentas Graffiti True Pink these get about 12" tall and really attract butterflies. These are also a perennial and do well in zone 9-11 these are very uniform of the pentas flowers and foliage are all looking good at the same time. These do like full sun and bloom summer into fall. The Graffiti series is the variety that likes the heat has very large clusters of flowers. These spread to about 14" and starts well from seeds. It is best if planted in a cell tray with a germination dome over it and seeds are pressed in soil and do not cover they do need light to germinate. These are great for resell and pelleted seeds are much easier to plant and germination rate is better. This is for 1,000 Bulk pelleted seeds you buy these pentas seeds and we will get them from the supplier if they are out we will refund you. These will be great if you are a large nursery or garden center and want to start your own. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery for these. Thank you